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Recover from trauma now, via Accelerated Resolution.

We specialize in helping people move past the difficult things they've experienced or seen as first responders. Accelerated Resolution Therapy uses cutting edge science to treat the brain where trauma lives.

The Unique Benefits of A.R.T. for First Responders

Feel Like Yourself Again

Get back to how things were before your trauma.

Relief in One Session

Most patients feel relief after just 1 or 2 sessions. No
ongoing follow up therapy.

Remove Traumatic Images

Leverage the power of your mind to create positive alternatives to the traumatic images you have.


No Long Explanations

ART doesn't require that you verbally recount and relive your traumatic events.

Meet Joe T.

"Before I came and did ART I had both feet out of my profession, now it seems like both feet are back in it.

I'm working more and I'm not as worried about that next call. ART has done a lot for me.


I don't even take meds anymore!"

About the therapy

Whenever We Recall an Emotional Memory, It Becomes Open to Change

This happens all the time without us even recognizing it. The power of Accelerated Resolution Therapy is in accessing the memory to intentionally open it up for change.

We can then take this opportunity to make the changes that will free us from the troubling images and sensations and the emotions that cause suffering.

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Patient testimonial for Right of Way: Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Meet Joe A.

It was absolutely amazing. Cleansing. Restorative.
I felt lighter after I left.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, even after having EMDR for a few years.

How rapidly it could reprogram my thoughts was nothing short of astonishing.

Getting your life back is more possible than you may believe

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