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Finally Feel Like
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"I can't explain it, but there was something about the process of going through these steps, guided by my therapist and watching her hands that in the end left me feeling quite a bit like my old self."

Accelerated Resolution Therapy Helps to Free Bad Memories

Whenever We Recall an Emotional Memory, It Becomes Open to Change

This happens all the time without us even recognizing it. The power of Accelerated Resolution Therapy is in accessing the memory to intentionally open it up for change.

We can then take this opportunity to make the changes that will free us from the troubling images and sensations and the emotions that cause suffering.

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Eye Movements Can Be Used to Mimic the REM Phase of Sleep and Enhance Ability to Change

The REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep is when learning and processing of emotional memories occur.

The sets of back and forth eye movements used with ART “simulate” aspects of REM sleep, enhancing our ability to make positive changes to memories, and relaxing us in the process.

ART allows you to simulate REM sleep to change memories

Make Any Changes You Want to the Images and Sensations That Come Up With Your Memories

During ART, your therapist guides you to re-envision the traumatic event and direct a new narrative.

You imagine replacing images and sensations associated with the traumatic memory with your own choice of images and sensations that are more pleasing and positive.

After engaging in this process for a relatively short amount of time (1-5 sessions), positive, long-lasting changes are made.

While you retain the ability to recall the facts of the incident(s), you no longer experience the intense emotions previously associated with it.

Discover the ART of Rapid Recovery for Yourself

"I had not been able to sleep through an entire night since I was 14. I would wake up several times a night and check every window in the house, every door multiple times. Last night, I slept through the entire night."

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